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Ying and Yang

The time is changing for the mythelogical beasts, mutants and demoms. Who will you be. who will survive
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 The Three Vampire Races

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The Three Vampire Races Empty
PostSubject: The Three Vampire Races   The Three Vampire Races Icon_minitime5/30/2014, 4:34 pm


The Moroi are an ancient race of magical vampires. They don’t turn to ash in the sun light, sparkle or live for ever. They do live off blood and do age. They have the power of the four elements (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air).  They also have there own government set on five royal families (Dragomir, Novios, Dirios, Iconoriv, and Ondoy).


The Strigoi are Mori who have been turned or made them selves Strigoi. They are evil vampires that drink blood, live forever, and can only be killed with a silver stake. They try to destroy the Moroi. They are very pail and cold skinned.


The Dhampir are the protectors of the Moroi. They live by one expiration (The Moroi come first.) The Nius are the Dhampir that aren’t guardians. The Dhampir were originally the offspring of the human and Moroi. Over time they are mostly offspring of the Moroi and the Dhampir. The female Dhampirs normally do not become guardian, most stay niuses. The Dhampir can eat anything they want.
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The Three Vampire Races
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