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Ying and Yang

The time is changing for the mythelogical beasts, mutants and demoms. Who will you be. who will survive
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 Rosie the Dhampir

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PostSubject: Rosie the Dhampir   Rosie the Dhampir Icon_minitime5/29/2014, 4:05 pm

Character name: Rosie

Gender: female

Age: 17

Species: Vampire/ Dhampir

Appearance: Rosie is a teenager with long wavy dark brown hair. She has brown eyes. She is slightly tan too.

Personality: Rosie is a tuff teen that never takes smack talk from any one. She likes to act like a normal human though she knows she isn’t. She never gives up on what she believes in. She is smart and is always on her tows.

History: She has lived with many other vampires and has never been out side the academy.


She likes to were black and red.

She likes to sing by herself.

She likes to swim and take long walks by herself.


She dislikes alcohol and things like such.

She doesn’t care for any one who is rood to her or her friends.

Which side: Light Side

Secret word: Fang
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Luna fang
Luna fang

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PostSubject: Re: Rosie the Dhampir   Rosie the Dhampir Icon_minitime5/29/2014, 5:20 pm

Accepted. Welcome
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Rosie the Dhampir
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