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The time is changing for the mythelogical beasts, mutants and demoms. Who will you be. who will survive
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 Ridder the Harbinger

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PostSubject: Ridder the Harbinger   Ridder the Harbinger Icon_minitime5/29/2014, 3:23 pm

Character name: Ridder
Gender: female
Age: twenty-five
Species: Harbinger in the form of a human.

Appearance: Ridder has silky brown hair, blue eyes, and a slender frame. She is at the average height of a female human, clocking at 5'6 with no high-heeled shoes. Lovely Ridder seems to be at the peak of human genetics with her perfect stature and excelled features. This is only because her genetics are perfect, well the ones that control her body’s look, anyway. In no way does Ridder try to be perfect, she typically refuses any kind of praise about how good she looks and doesn’t act as if she even notices that she looks as good as she does.  
Personality: Her personality, on the other hand, is a pale spectrum of grey; this meaning she doesn’t feel any emotions and that she can’t. What this personality disorder is would be SPD, Schizoid Personality Disorder. It is hard to tell if she cares about what you are saying because she is an extremely good liar and will, just to make you go away, agree with everything you say. Ridder will not respond to emotional condolences. Say if she lost a family member or friend, she will just shrug it off and not even attend the funeral unless she wants something. If you’d like emotional condolences you are looking at the wrong lady. She believes life means little and rarely will smile. Though Ridder feels no emotion, she is very manipulative and cunning; she uses her lack of emotions to her advantage. Call her a spy of the future.  
Abilities: with being a harbinger, Ridder knows what will happen in the near future before it happens. she can change the future with her knowledge to make something happen or something not happen.
History: is this needed..?
Likes: being a Schizoid, Ridder's likes are very undefined. It is rare that she finds pleasure in any activities.
Dislikes: the same as above; her lack of emotions keeps her from disliking this.. she is indifferent to life.

which side: dark
Secret word: werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Ridder the Harbinger   Ridder the Harbinger Icon_minitime5/29/2014, 5:21 pm

Accepted and welcome.
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Ridder the Harbinger
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