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The time is changing for the mythelogical beasts, mutants and demoms. Who will you be. who will survive
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 Circe the Hippopotamus

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PostSubject: Circe the Hippopotamus   Circe the Hippopotamus Icon_minitime11/7/2013, 10:17 pm

Character name: Circe

Gender: male

Age: 39 (Hippos live up to 50 years, although Circe is a Behemoth, and can live double his age.)

Species: Behemoth

Appearance (50 words):
Circe is your average Hippo from afar. He is big, fat, gray and buoyant! Circe has small ears, a big, BIG mouth with round, yellow, very dangerous teeth. Circe has small tilted eyes that are sunburnt around the jutting eye socket. His eyes are orange. He has a short, hairy tail. One of his bottom teeth jut out from the lip in an under-bite. He always seems to have a lazy smirk on his face.

Personality (50 words): 
Circe is much like his behemoth breed. He is lustful, as well as assertive and greedy. Circe is selfish, merciless, and bold. He does not tolerate other males around his group of females and will not tolerate any other mythological creature of any kind around him. When Circe is in his homelands of mythology, he is watchful of the other creatures, and often hostile. He will go to great lengths to bring trouble upon others while bringing gain to himself. He will often cheat you out of a deal rather than be a faithful creature to make trades and deals with.

Abilities (up to 5):
He can do a lot with water, as his breed and those alike are mostly associated with water during their lifetime. He is also good with earth, and with a stomp of his heavy foot, he can rise earthen debris from the ground and court it at his will. He has a very small talent with battle, and can sharpen his tusks to a limited length, also hardening his thick hide into an almost armor-like state of protection.

History (optional):
He was turned into a Hippo by the gods because his lustful personality, beachside living, and cruel attitude. Circe did something horrible as a human, what was meant to be a cruel joke ended up being a horrible oil spill that poisoned the entire shores of his coast-side home. The god of the sea was greatly disrupted and upset, so he cast a spell upon Circe that turned him into a Behemoth Hippo.

He was put on the continent of Africa, serving as one of their Savannah Behemoth's that made up of Elephants, wildebeest, and other hippos. He made his way into the group of plain, african hippos and learned to live like one. He was hunted by a pride of lions once, and he was distressed by the excruciating pain that came from their dagger-claws. He tried to turn and kick them off or run away, but he was too fat and short to kick, and too surrounded to run off.

He accepted death with gritted tusks, but then found the pain reduced to pin-points of pressure, and his tusks dug into his gums.

This is where Circe discovered his small advantage against attackers. He stamped his foot angrily at the lions, and discovered his power for earth. He was confused and terrified as the earth floated around him, and he dropped it- his stress causing him to be unfocused. The lions were petrified and ran off, they of course had never seen this type of thing before.

Circe then raced into the river where

playing tricks, causing disruption, having power, gaining and receiving, insulting, winning

 being tricked, losing power or gains, being insulted, losing in general

which side (light or dark or neutral): 
mostly neutral, but Behemoth's are dark, so dark ^^

Secret word: (from rules) Werewolf
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PostSubject: Re: Circe the Hippopotamus   Circe the Hippopotamus Icon_minitime11/7/2013, 10:20 pm

Accepted and welcome to the site
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Circe the Hippopotamus
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